A millions views or one small step into the future by Christopher G. Moore

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We are pleased to announce that since 9th July 2009 that International Crime Authors Realty Check has had more than one million views.

Over what is nearly three years we have managed to write a weekly article about our latest ventures in writing crime fiction, publishing, social justice, regional and cultural aspects of law, courts, and punishment. It has been a good journey.

Writing an original essay once a week sounds easier than it is. The ideas of spin out freely for the first few months, and after a couple of years, we all have had to dig into the deep reserves of ideas and to keep them fresh. I believe that the number of views suggests that we have largely succeeded.

We appreciate those of you who turn up for a read every week—and especially those who turn up daily for the latest opinion, argument, rant or assessment. We hope that you will stay with us in the future and would encourage you to leave your comments on the essays that you’ve found strike a chord. And we’d like for you to give us ideas that you feel would fit in the literary, social, economic and political world that we have all helped to shape on this blog.

From all of us, a Big Thanks You.

Christopher G. Moore

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