A Snapshot by Barbara Nadel

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Outside of ceaseless editing there isn’t much going on in my life at the moment. Days tend to follow the same pattern which is get up at about 7am, drag my sorry arse to the gym, edit like a wild man until my eyes bleed, make some food and then fall into bed. I’m sure that Ernest Hemingway didn’t live like this.

Actually these hiatus points in a writers life can be quite useful. Editing requires concentration but other thought processes can  and do go on around it and so I’ve been somewhat contemplative of late. A lot of my musings have been about personal stuff and, being of a somewhat melancholic nature, this hasn’t always been pleasant. Believe me, thinking on your personal failures while hiding from the intense cold underneath a fleece blanket is no picnic. However, if the weather forecasters here in the UK are to be believed there won’t be any picnics for any of us for a very long time to come. Yes, due to the effects of global warming we’re destined to have wet summers and cold winters until the end of time.

But some of my other musings have been more cheerful. Although God alone knows when I’d find the time to do it, I’ve been wanting to write a book for children for some time. From underneath the fleece, some of my ideas for this novel crystallised and I now think that my main protagonist has almost reached the fully formed stage. I also have a proto plot too. In addition I’ve been able to get my new Çetin İkmen book in order. I have actually started writing this but, when I began, I still had a few issues that needed ironing out. I think I’ve now done that and so when I go back to that manuscript (hopefully some time next week) I will be doing so with more confidence.

It’s due to get colder here in the next couple of days and it may, horror of horrors, snow. But at least I have after an enormous and quite unnecessary amount of faffing, ordered snow tyres for my car. This means I won’t necessarily die on the motorway when I drive down to London next week. And that’s a good thing.

But in the meantime it’s back to the editing. Soon, I fear the fleece blanket won’t be enough and I may have to resort to the hot water bottle. But never mind, I haven’t as  ripped my electric blanket off my bed and draped it around my shoulders, so we’re not in a second ice age yet.

That’ll probably come in June.

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