As one door closes by Jarad Henry

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One of the rules when it comes to writing is similar to that of a struggling musician; never knock back a gig.  So when I was asked to join the International Crime Authors Reality Check almost two years ago, I didn’t need a lot of thinking time to accept the offer.

Having been a keen subscriber and reader of the site for some time prior, I knew the type of content and the quality of the work required. There was an opening for Thursdays, said the site’s creator Christopher G Moore, so was I up for the challenge?

I would like to think that for the most part I’ve lived up to it. It’s been a privilege to work alongside a group of brilliant writers and equally brilliant minds from across the world. Each of us has brought something different and compelling to the table.

From Iceland to London, Turkey to Thailand, and all the way down to Australia, we’ve covered the issues that often form a backdrop of our books but aren’t so easily embedded into a fictional format.

So this is the last week that the Reality Check website will run “live”. This will be my last posting and it’s time to thank those who have read, appreciated and shared my work.

Pulling together the time to deliver a weekly post worthy of the time it takes to read it is sometimes harder than the actual process of doing the research, planning and writing.

In the end, that is what we’re doing; competing for your time. So to those who have read and found my weekly postings of interest, thank you for investing the time to read them.

It’s been a pleasure and a challenge, but I’d like to think I’ve found the right balance and brought my own flavour and style to the table at which four other writers sit. Now that the dinner has been served and the plates taken away, it’s time to push our chairs in, gather our thoughts and reflect on some of the great topics we’ve covered as we find another door to open.

A final word of appreciation to Christopher for asking me join and for keeping the site going, pumping out weekly posts that set the bench mark, many of which are cleverly weaved into his books. The “I Am Awesome” T-Shirt is a great example of this.  Thanks also to Quentin, Barbara and Susan for sharing your weekly thoughts and thanks to Kevin Cummings for your keen insights and comments.

I look forward to staying touch and seeing your books next year. As one door closes, I hope to open a path to my own new book next year.

Until then, three cheers for the Reality Check.



A revised edition of head Shot is now available from Arcadia Press…


 McCauley’s Creed

“Catch and kill your own…

 The underworld lives by this code.

When somebody gets out of line, they handle it themselves. The victim ends up face down in a driveway with three bullets in the back of the head. Bowling ball style.

The families don’t call the cops and they don’t expect our help. They wash their own dirty laundry and they do it on their own terms.

It’s been that way since I can remember, probably since anyone can. This is how they live. And how they die…”

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