HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – ONE YEAR by Christopher G. Moore

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Tomorrow we have turned one year old on 15th July. Help us celebrate International Authors Reality Check celebrates its first birthday by leaving a comment of what you liked (and didn’t like) last year. We’d like to know if our blogs stimulated, entertained, or provoked. We hope they did.

Collectively we’ve been posting four original (hopefully witty, insightful, brilliant and memorable) blogs once a week. That is a lot of labour of love.

We’ve averaged around 10,000 views per month over our first year. That is a fair sized (and growing) number of people who come around to this site in order to take a peek at our words of wisdom. If you have a friend who you think would like the blog, send them an email. Welcome them to our blog on our behalf.

If you like what we’ve been saying over the past year, drop us a note. Or better still, you might want to click on our book covers to the right hand side of the screen, and go to amazon and buy one of our books.

Please let us hear suggestions, recommendations, rants, wishes, and opinions about international crime fiction. What is it that makes for a great reading experience? What can to be done better?

As we start our second year, we’d like to thank each of you for coming around each week and taking the time to read our weekly obsessions, opinions, advice and diary of the life of a writer. We will try to continue stimulating and entertaining. When we fail, let us know; when we succeed, you can let us know that, too.

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