Lost “News of the World” Scoop: MOZART MURDERED! by Matt Rees

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*Editor’s note: Reality Check has obtained the text of a major exclusive which was set to appear in The News of the World in London this week. However, News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch shut down the 168-year-old tabloid to dampen a scandal over its reporters hacking into private voicemails, use of criminals and private investigators to intimidate and obtain privileged documents, and the bribery of police officials. The following majorexclusive was, therefore, never published and has been obtained by RealityCheck from a source within the newspaper. (In fact, we might’ve just hackedinto their computer system to get it, but we aren’t saying that we actuallydid, and David Cameron went to Oxford with the writer so back off.)*

Classical music maestro Wolfgang Mozart was murdered, only for his death to be covered up for centuries by scientists, doctors and music historians. Now the truth has been revealed by an award-winning novelist.

The composer, who shot to stardom with hummable classics like Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and The Marriage of Figaro, revealed to his wife only weeks before his death that he was sure he had been poisoned. Constanze Mozart thought her husband was overworked, but when the deadly day came in December 1791, she was shocked to think that he had been right all along.

“There’s been a cover up at the highest level,” says Constanze, who now lives six feet under the ground in Salzburg, Austria. (The News of the World hacked into the spirit world and bribed St. Peter to obtain access to secret Mozart communications.)

Doctors and historians have repeatedly pooh-poohed calls for a full investigation of the great composer’s death. Only this week new reports
emerged from a Viennese academic that Mozart had died due to a deficiency of Vitamin D. (*Editor’s note: No, really. We’re not kidding.*)

The academic said that Mozart composed his tunes “late at night and no doubt slept late into the day.” This deprived the great man of Vitamin D from sunshine, which is anyway rare in Vienna during the winter, the academic asserted.

Like other supposedly rational medical theories of Mozart’s death, this one has about as much basis in reality as the average report in, well, The News of the World. After all, Mozart’s letters show that he rose before seven for breakfast and to have his hairdresser do his coiffure. If he wrote late into the night, that probably meant some time after 10 p.m. And if the lack of sunshine is a reason for Mozart’s death, why doesn’t the entire population of Iceland die at 35 as he did?

Award-winning writer Matt Rees reveals in his new book MOZART’S LAST ARIA the truth behind the sinister end of the greatest composer in history. “Academics suggest that anyone who thinks Mozart was murdered is a nut,” says Rees. “But the theories academics put forward to counter the murder scenario are far more speculative than any of the ideas they seek to discredit.”

Next week: News of the World exclusive investigation reveals: Mozart Academics Hit Back — Nutty Rees Writes Standing Up; ‘I Like Yoga,” Says Whacko Crime Writer. Alkie Author Blacked Out on Subway and Woke Up in Bronx at 3 a.m.

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