ON THE ROAD IN THE STATES by Christopher G. Moore

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I am writing this from Indianapolis, Indiana, the Bourchercon 2009 Mystery Writers convention. This is my first such convention and it is a good chance to connect with other writers. Tomorrow I am on a panel “Murder at the edge of the Map.” Also on the panel is Leighton Gage, Moderator, Tamar Myers, Ysrsa Sigurdardottir, and Michael Stanley.

The weather couldn’t be farther removed from Thailand. It is running about 5C during the day. Haven’t checked what happens at night. Not certain that I want to know.

Yesterday I talked with a recent computer science graduate who was selling iPhone covers at one of those open kiosks in a shopping mall. He couldn’t get a job. After some further questions, it turns out that he’s from Istanbul. That might have caused him a problem with a prospective employer.

I am back in Bangkok at the end of October and will be filing as usual. With one more brief report to follow for next Friday.

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