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The bloggers who write weekly essays for International Crime Authors Reality Check are crime fiction novelist.

We all have new books. Our publishers have made 5 copies available for readers who will commit to reviewing one of them. If you are interested, drop us a note to: webmaster@internationalcrimeauthors.com.

The idea is for you as readers of our essays to review one of our books for Goodreads, Amazon, LibraryThing, etc.

Reviewers still are the best way to make readers aware of a book.

We think we have written some fine crime fiction in the last year. And we hope that you will agree.


Barbara Nadel

The brand-new Istanbul crime thriller staring Inspector Cetin Ikmen, ‘the Morse of Istanbul’(Daily Telegraph), from Barbara Nadel. ON THE BONE is perfect for fans of Donna Leon.

In Istanbul – the golden city on the Bosphorus – ancient myths and modern evils are at work…

On a buzzing street in the fashionable district of Beyoglu, a young man drops dead. Ümit Kavas’s death was natural but the autopsy betrays a shocking truth: his last meal was human flesh.

Under desperate pressure from their superiors, Inspector Cetin Ikmen and his colleague Mehmet Süleyman begin their most obscure investigation yet. How did Ümit Kavas, apparently a good, liberal man, come to partake in the greatest taboo of all? Did he act alone? And who was his victim?

Soon they find themselves embroiled in a dark web of underground worlds: of Turkey’s old secular elite; a community of squatters; and a new gastronomy scene breaking every boundary. But where does the truth lie?


Christopher G. Moore

In Crackdown visual art becomes a powerful take down tool to push back against the oligarchs. People adjust to the surveillance state and its agents who are emergent forces. Post-coup Thailand is the setting as high tech competes with traditional power in a battle for hearts and minds. It is a noir landscape where Calvino finds himself ambushed as casualties from this battle leave behind a mystery or two. Calvino enters a world of ancient maps, political graffiti, student protestors and murder. The finger points at Calvino as the killer. He searches for allies who will help him prove his innocence.

Crackdown is a superb novel and a wonderful read.”
The Life Style Detective

“This carefully crafted politically-aware crime novel … set inBangkok during post-coup military rule … is a book of symbols. [Crackdown] is a book of dusty maps and edgy political graffiti. A book of warnings, predictions; a well plotted social document.”
–James Newman, Author of the Joe Dylan Private Investigator Noir Crime Series

“Christopher G. Moore’s freewheeling intelligence roams over the manifold aspects of modern life, from the 2014 coup to high-tech crime surveillance, map-making, and radical street art. The sum total infuses his latest novel, Crackdown, with a richer palette of colors than the endless black and grainy bleakness of so many other noir tales.”
–Jim Algie, Bangkok 101

In the follow up to The Cultural Detective, Faking It in Bangkok, and Fear and Loathing in Bangkok, Moore pays caring and critical homage to his residence of choice by diagnosing some of Thailand’s discontents and offering subtle remedies for readers to tease out. The essays in The Age of Dis-Consent range from political conflict to violence and criminal investigations in the digital age, to cultural upheavals, cognitive science and writing, including essays about Orwell, Kafka, and Henry Miller.


Quentin Bates

It’s the tail end of a hot summer when half of Reykjavík is on holiday and the other half wishes it was. Things are quiet when a man is reported missing from his home in the suburbs. As Gunna and Helgi investigate, it becomes clear that the missing man had secrets of his own that lead to a sinister set of friends, and to someone with little to lose who is a fugitive from both justice and the underworld. It becomes a challenge for Gunna to tail both the victim and his would-be executioner, racing to catch up with at least one of them before they finally meet.

‘Superior crime fiction set in Iceland… this is a well constructed, well written and satisfying police procedural.’ Marcel Berlins, The Times


Jarad Henry

Jarad Henry has worked in justice system for 15 years and regularly speaks at conferences and seminars across Australia. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has built a popular profile, working with international best sellers such as Michael Connolly, Jeffery Deaver, Christopher G Moore, Ian Rankin, Michael Robotham, Tara Moss and many others.

Jarad’s debut novel, Head Shot, is themed around police corruption and organised crime in modern Australia. It was short listed for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards and the Ned Kelly Best First Novel.

His second novel, Blood Sunset, focuses on the sex industry in St Kilda and the issue of child abuse. It won the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Jim Hamilton Award, was short listed for the National Vogel Award and Readers Choice and translated to German in 2010.

Pink Tide is his third novel, a powerful story inspired by true events that will question both your faith in the criminal justice system and human decency itself.

His books are available through Amazon / Kindle or through the publishers direct via the following links:





Susan Moody

Introducing outspoken female sleuth Alex Quick in the first of a brand-new mystery series

When her business partner, acclaimed art historian and university professor Dr Helena Drummond, disappears, Alexandra Quick is consumed by guilt. Shortly before she vanished, Helena had complained of being menaced by a stalker, and Alex had dismissed her fears as groundless. Now Alex, a former police detective, is determined to use her finely-honed investigative skills to find out what’s happened to her friend and colleague.

But the more she uncovers, the more Alex realizes how little she really knew Dr Helena Drummond. As it becomes increasingly clear that the woman she thought she knew so well has been keeping a great many secrets from her, Alex must decide: is Helena a victim … or is she a killer?


Colin Cotterill

Ethel and Joan

To celebrate the life, every woman should wish for a talented novelist son such as Colin Cotterill. We’ve seen movies like Thelma & Louise and read books like Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia, which follow the exploits of women in search of meaning and fulfillment. But nothing you’ve seen or read will prepare you for Ethel and Joan, two English women, who take Thailand by storm. They had been married (at different times) to the same man. They became best friends.

Ethel and Joan were two elderly ladies, who when most people wish to stay at home and tend their garden, set off on the road of self-discovery and adventure in Southeast Asia. This is their story.

A gentle beauty unfolds as we enter their world laced with charm, humor and self-discovery. What son couldn’t adore a mother who talked with a bar girl and who told her son, “It doesn’t matter what she does for a living. That’s just society that decides what’s proper and what’s not. It’s the person that counts.” Ethel and Joan aren’t with us any more. This book is a testament to their humanity, love of life, and true-grit. They’re continuing their spiritual journey and souvenir shopping in another dimension. We promise one thing: this book and these two ladies will stay with you forever.

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