Pitstop by Barbara Nadel

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I am currently commuting between Lancashire and London and, as a result of this, I’m having very little time to myself. It’s all work, research, tasks around work, talks, etc., etc. Don’t get me wrong, with most of my family out of work right now, I am grateful. But I am also aware that I have to organise my life, and my blog for this week, in short pitstops that generally coincide with a completely blank head.

So I haven’t a clue what to blog about this week. Other people’s social doings are not very interesting even if you have outre friends, as I do. Recent research forays have been esoteric to say the least and the subject actually dominating my life right now I can’t actually speak or write about at the moment. And I’m so tired I can hardly breathe. So hello and welcome to the ‘Self Written Barbara Nadel Blog’. Basically you write it yourself.

‘Well, that’s a bit of a sodding con!’ I hear you protest. Well yes it would be except for one truly astonishing innovation which is the amazing ‘Barbara Nadel Supplied Title Bank.’ This is a uniqe product which consists of titles generated by me for you to blog about in my name. Simple and effective genius, I trust you will agree.

So here goes. You can choose any one (or more) from the following list. Jolly good luck and merry blogging to you all!

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