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Like an angry Greek god
dusk crashes swiftly on the sea
powered by a lightning rod
Hermes prophecy for all to see

Deflation of sacred cultural cows
black towers silhouetted by the sky
wars destructive force ebbs and flows
the sovereign mind rules the third eye

Procreant body fluids splash on Venus thighs
as war turns the green land fused in bloody rain
pirouetting she sails through purple evening skies
her progeny awaited in this culture of lies and pain

High society filled with impudence and self destruction
they worship self indulgence and wanton pleasure
ignore illuminists the prophecy of the volcano of sedition
caveat emptor, the revolution will plunder your treasure

The privileged and titled indulge in tasteless bling
snort cocaine, smoke cigars and binge on claret
manicured fingers pimpled with diamond rings
poisoned tongues wagging like jungle parrots

Among ice floes and the bitter Arctic snow
breeds and hunts the noble polar bear
ursus deus, he kills so his progeny may grow
sated the ivory beast returns to his lair

He is not blind but the truth can not see
society has imprisoned him on Death Row
as man conspires and plots ecological heresy
ursus deus wanders in Antarctic snow

Tread softly, vain anti-intellectuals, the die is cast
the revolution will abolish the tyranny of rich over poor
oer Mammons treasure chest a flag flies at half mast
beware the prophecy, the revolution will plunder your treasure

Antonio Pineda (2011)

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