Still Alive by Barbara Nadel

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There comes a time in every writers life when she or he just has to take some time out to finish some massive piece of work or simply catch up with themselves. That’s been the story of my life for the past few weeks. And it isn’t over with yet.

Having finished editing my latest Hakim and Arnold book (‘Poisoned Ground’), I’ve just finished writing my new Ikmen (called ‘Land of the Blind’) and I’m now working on new synopses for both series. I’m also apparently going on a ‘blog tour’ next month. More of that anon. And I’ve had the worst cold in the world, AND my thyroxine still isn’t right. It’s been a bit of a time.

So normal service hasn’t been resumed yet. England have been knocked out of the World Cup, Wimbledon has started, just one of Rupert Murdoch’s creatures has been found guilty of phone hacking and the government continue to chip away at our free healthcare system. So no great shakes apart from the ISIS phenomenon in Syria and Iraq. Apparently you can now buy ISIS  sports wear and so they’ve already been branded which means I imagine that big capital will soon be sitting down with them for a little chat about oil and stuff. I’d really like to be very pissed off indeed about all this but I have neither the time nor the energy.

So gentle reader, please don’t think I have abandoned my blog because I haven’t. I just need a few more weeks to sort myself out and give a shit about the world again. When I do, I’ll be back. Oh and yes, I’m packing up to move too. It never rains but it bloody pours does it.

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