Sunshine Noir by Barbara Nadel

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It had to happen eventually – thank God. Someone would have the brilliant idea that crime fiction set in sun-drenched climes is just as good as crime fiction set on Norwegian fjords or on Scottish islands. After all, don’t hideous secrets and lies also exist in the shadows thrown by strong sunlight? Of course they do.

The brain-child of two African writers collectively known as Michael Stanley this anthology of short sunny stories is a push-back against the dominance of Scandi Noir. Edited by Annamaria Alfieri it contains new stories written by such luminaries as Jason Goodwin, Colin Cotterill, Michael Stanley, Paul Hardisty, Kwei Quarty, Richie Narvaez and me. And with a wonderful blurb written by Icelandic writer Yrsa Sigurardottir, who can resist?

My own story ‘The Cigarette Dandy’ features my Istanbul detective Cetin Ikmen and is, in part, my requiem for the rapidly passing figure of the Istanbul eccentric. It’s also, I think, a good crime story too.

As well as Turkey, ‘Sunshine Noir’ also features crime stories from Thailand, Botswana, East Africa, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Spain and Greece to name but a few. The ‘Sunnies’ as those of us who write about hot climes are now being called, cast their nets far, wide and deep into the dark heart of murder for your delectation.

‘Sunshine Noir’ is going to be at the Iceland Noir festival which takes place from 17th – 20th November in Reykjavik. I’m going and I recommend it highly – and not just for ‘Sunshine Noir’. Alternatively hard and e copies of the book can be purchased on Amazon.

So if you want some sunshine with your carnage, you know what to do…

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