The Cartoonist 1 by Colin Cotterill

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When you get to read this semiblob I’ll be away at a secret location writing my next Dr. Siri book. So, in order to keep you both from wandering away from our weekly delights I’ve decided to send you a few old cartoons. As you’ve probably worked out from reading my books, I’m more of a cartoonist than a writer. Every day I turn on the computer hoping to find an offer from The New Yorker asking me to be their in-house picture guy. I’ve had my moments. Not that many years back I had a weekly strip in the Nation newspaper called Mann Farang. It dealt with local issues like the disappearance of Jim Thomson and why crocodiles allow themselves to be manhandled by idiot keepers. The weekly turned to a monthly and then to a ‘Don’t call us…’. Then there were social issue cartoons for magazines like how the new landscaping affected Chiang Mai, but never that big one to lure me away from writing. I’d gladly drop my pen in a second if I had a real cartoon job.




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