Translated by the author by Quentin Bates

English is a strange beast, a language with bastard origins that has pocketed bits and pieces from every other language it has encountered over the last few centuries. It’s...

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A Swimming Lesson in the Jury Pool by Jarad Henry

A friend of mine was recently approached to do ‘Jury Duty’, but wasn’t accepted and felt somewhat rejected and wondered why he didn’t get selected from pool. He even...

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The Down Side by Barbara Nadel

There are huge advantages to being a writer. Basically you get to make stuff up and get paid for it. If you like you can sit about writing in...

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What’s in a name? by Quentin Bates

It worked for JK Rowling with a novel published last year under her Robert Galbraith pseudonym. Whatever the truth of it, and whether you see it as a gimmick...

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The Levels by Barbara Nadel

Governmental corruption is a big topic of conversation almost everywhere in the world these days (except possibly North Korea). Charges of corruption are levelled at politicians on an almost...

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Reviews vs Opinions by Quentin Bates

Years ago books were read and criticised by professionals, critics in tweed with spectacles on the ends of the noses who read books and discoursed on them for a...

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